8 ways to keep your feet in tip-top running state

Posted 29/09/2016
8 ways to keep your feet in tip-top running state

One of the biggest weekends in Glasgow’s running calendar is almost upon us and for those taking part you’ve no doubt been training all year for it (or maybe just since you came back from your summer holiday!). You’ll also have been careful to avoid injury – stretching those hamstrings and calf muscles; and probably been careful to fuel your body for those longer runs too. But what consideration have you given to your feet?

Your feet have the power to make running comfortable – or miserable. By nature, your feet can throb, blister, sweat, crack, itch, and yes, smell. And when you run, your feet absorb more force than any other part of the body so it wasn’t a surprise to read in a leading fitness magazine recently that plantar fasciitis is one of the most common sports injuries.

Foot anomalies, as with any weakened body part or muscle, can then leave you prone to pain and/or injury elsewhere on your body including your ankles, shins, knees, hips, and lower back.

So whether you’re in training for this weekend’s Great Scottish Run, or you’re chasing next year’s London marathon – Clare has compiled some top tips to ensure your feet don’t let you down.

8 ways to keep your feet in tip-top running state

1. Find the perfect fit
If you have particularly large/small or narrow/wide feet your choice of running shoe may be quite limited so invest more care and time to find a shoe that fits. Once you’ve found the perfect fit be aware that if you’re running 5-10k every week you’ll need to replace your running shoes every 9-12 months.

2. Sock it to ‘em
Got blisters? Don’t throw out the running shoes just yet - experiment with your socks. Poor fitting socks are probably to blame.

3. A soft touch…
Dry feet can often result in painful, cracked skin so avoid this by moisturising your feet every day – particularly after you’ve showered/bathed. Remember not to moisturise in between those little piggies though.

4. …or as dry as a bone?
Whilst some of you may suffer from dry feet, others will suffer from sweaty feet – and this will make you prone to issues such as athlete's foot. So going back to my earlier point about the importance of socks, be sure to wear lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking socks if you’re in the sweaty feet camp. A variety of treatment exist to help address sweaty feed and a podiatrist can advise you further.

5. Break the mould
(Admittedly I struggled for a catchy fungus phrase but moving on…)
If you are experiencing itchy toes or soles, with scaling, redness and/or blisters then you’re more than likely suffering from a bout of athlete’s foot. The point I want to make here is that most cases respond well to over-the-counter solutions however, the fungus can linger after the symptoms are gone so it’s important to continue with your chosen treatment for up to four weeks.

6. Ice ice baby
After your run treat swollen or overheated feet to an ice pack or soak in cold water. Be wary of adding bubbles though – they can make your feet too dry if you do this too often. You could add some Epsom salts, or even some bicarbonate of soda, to the water.

7. Rub a dub dub
A foot massage can do wonders for your feet and lucky for you, we have our #SoleMate “Body Treats” by Diane right here at Five Little Piggies HQ.

8. Seek out a hot shot
Pay a visit to a qualified podiatrist who will treat your feet to a professional nail cut and remove painful hard skin/calluses or go for broke and book in for a relaxing medical pedicure with paraffin wax bath. The perfect treat for tormented feet!


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